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Nowadays, Internet is an integral part of human life, affecting various aspects of society in its unique way, which we have never witnessed before. Since its inception, the Internet has caused people to re-define the concept of “borders”, “national territories” and other social phenomena such as virtual reality, augmented reality, bitcoin, virtual assets, e-wallets, fintech etc. Interestingly, the intrusions of these Internet entities impact on human’s real world and incur legal problems. As a matter of fact, the Internet does not “sleep”. It does not distinguish between “day” and “night”. The Internet has unchanged existence, independence of geographic location, or country in which you are accessing; exists in a consistent figuration, digitalized and the Internet is gradually making the whole world flat.


Along with the Internet is legal framework of Internet. Since there is the legal area, although it shares the same nature and functions as Civil Law, Criminal Law, business - commerce, banking finance, marriage - family, etc., there are huge gaps among them. This disparity is expressed both in the foundation, enforcement of the law and in the implementation of the law by each organization, citizen and enterprise.

As an inevitable consequence, legal consultation, litigation or the provision of other legal services based on the Internet, everything needs its specific norms, in accordance with the connection between the virtual world and the real world, with the invisible, borderless nature of the Internet. Lawyers, in addition to life experience, consulting skills and conventional legal knowledge, need to enhance their own knowledge related to the Internet law, be familiar with “virtual reality”, “virtual assets”, “smart contracts”, “Big data”, “blockchain” in order not to be sudden while any entities come out of the virtual world and place us in appropriately transactions or interaction.

The attorneys who perform the captioned are identified as: Internet Lawyers.

Netlaw.vn is the convergence of a team of such Internet lawyers!

Netlaw.vn - founded by Lawyer Tran Hoai Van (Henry Tran), Lawyer Nguyen Anh Phuong and Partner Attorney and a team of top legal and Internet experts in Vietnam.

As operator of Netlaw.vn, Lawyer Tran Hoai Van and Lawyer Nguyen Anh Phuong have consulted and directed to clients being:

  • • Domestic and oversea investors, investing in the Internet industry in Vietnam as well as in projects operating on a global scale;
  • • Internet service providers;
  • • Enterprises/individuals providing/using online marketing services;
  • • Providers and investors of domain name;
  • • KOLs, celebrities, singers, composer;
  • • Electronic exchanges;
  • • Enterprises/individuals developing online games;
  • General news website, digital newspaper, social network etc.

Thought never sleeps!

- The law regarding the Internet (Internet law) in Vietnam is not simple for people but being that it is too much intricate.

From the perspective of Internet users and the current legal framework, it is possible to understand:

Internet law is a collection of applicable laws to regulate the behaviors arising in:

  • • Formation and development of the Internet in Vietnam in terms of technical infrastructure - services;
  • • In the process of the management on Internet in Vietnam of Goverment;
  • • In the process of investing and doing business on the Internet in Vietnam;
  • • In the process of using the Internet by organizations and individuals in Vietnam;
  • • In the remaining aspects of social life, in connection to the Internet.

In other hand, Internet law is a collection of laws correlative to the Internet in Vietnam.

Internet law in Vietnam can be divided into 2 basic groups:

(1) Group of characteristic laws on the Internet such as: Law on Cybersecurity; Law on Cyberinformation Security; Law onTelecommunications; Law on Electronic Transactions; Law on Information Technology, etc.

(2) Group of traditional laws applied to the Internet aspect, such as: Law on intellectual property, civil, criminal ... applied to the Internet.

In addition, in accordance with the “borderless” of the Internet nature, there are 3 legal groups or having legal nature, which are also applicable to Vietnamese Internet users, including:

(1) Laws of other countries, concern to the Internet, take effect globally, including Vietnam. Examples are: The DMCA of the United States, translated as: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act of the United States. Or GDPR of the European Union, translated as: Personal Information Protection Regulations of European Union.

(2) Regulations of distinctive organizations on the Internet, despite not being countries, but because they are holding the foundation resources of the Internet, related to the conditions “necessary” and “sufficient” for an organization or individual to have access to the Internet, therefore, the regulations of these organizations, are thereto mandatory for Internet users in Vietnam – nothing less than the law. Typically, ICANN (used to know as I - Can) – A Non-Government Organization, managing international domain names.

(3) Treaties contain laws relating to the Internet that Vietnam participates in or recognizes. 

– The structure and operation of the Internet is a new block of knowledge for most Internet users, but in general, it capably understood in an overview according to the model described below:


– The Internet or the law regarding the Internet (Internet law) is simple, or intricate, due to the conception of each of us first and the time we spend studying it.

Mission to do!

Sharing knowledge is the highest unchangable mission that Netlaw.vn undertaken to and determined to implement.

With the desire shall convey legal background which is “academic” and sterile, in a simple and ordinary way, in order each of us be able to understand, apply in daily routines, Netlaw.vn hopes that our efforts, in part, shall initiate an updated habit, improving legal knowledge in the community, thereby: Each of us, be our own lawyer!

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