GS Le Hong Hanh

Prof., PhD., Lawyer Le Hong Hanh was born in 1953; Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Law and Development.

Main practices areas: Commercial Law, Environmental Law, International Trade Law.

Languages: English, French, Russian.

PhD. in Law, Moscow State University (1986).

Master of International Trade Law, Harvard University (1995).

Arbitrator, Vietnam International Arbitration Center next to Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry - VIAC (1993 - present).

Chairman of the Standing Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), ASEAN Law Association - From 2003 to 2018.

About teaching and law research:

– Has come out 7 legal science monographs in both Vietnamese and English.

– Chairman of 12 scientific research topics at the Ministries and Government, published more than 100 diverse scientific works in wide range of domestic and international journals.

– Prof., PhD., Lawyer Le Hong Hanh is one of the top legal experts in Vietnam, engaging to teaching at domestic and oversea law training institutions, in particular, Hanoi Law University where he used to be a lecturer, dean and vice principal.

Other activities:

– Engagement with the foundation and criticism of plenty of legal documents.

– Taking part in domestic and foreign lawsuits as Attorney, arbitrator and be one of comparatively few lawyers in Vietnam who can litigate directly at foreign jurisdictions.

– Preside over the implementation of 9 projects of international organizations such as UNDP, WB, ADB, FCPF, WWF, UNICEF etc. and international development agencies of countries such as Sida (Sweden) CIDA (Canada), JICA (Japan).


1/ Lawyer TRAN HOAI VAN - Hanoi Bar Association.

avatar - founded by Lawyer Tran Hoai Van, Associate Lawyers, and a team of top legal specialist, Internet experts in Vietnam – is the children of Netlaw Law Firm.

Lawyer Tran Hoai Van was born and raised in Thai Nguyen, studied, lived and worked in Hanoi since 1996. Therefore, he have the opportunity to access to the Internet from the beginning when the Internet appeared in Vietnam. From that time, like many of his fellows of the same age, he began finding out this particular social phenomenon to satisfy his knowledgeable demands.

In 2003, once again, the opportunity came out, when he officially started to connection to the Internet and Internet law aspect in a legitimate way by working as civil servant on management of the Internet in Vietnam. This period, lawyers have devoted much effort and enthusiasm to practice and research in depth the structure and operation of the Internet. He also actively participated in the following activities simultaneously: law establishment, legal training nationwide and participated in inspection to inspect compliance with Interent’s legal regulations in Vietnam. Here, some legal documents that lawyers have the participation in, contribution to or participated in the editorial team, including:

  • • Law on Telecommunications law and documents guiding of enforcement:

– Law on Telecommunications No. 41/2009/QH12, was approved by the National Assembly on November 23rd, 2009.

– Decree No. 72/2013/ND-CP, Decree on management, provision and use of Internet services and information on the Internet.

– Decree No. 25/2011/ND-CP, dated 06/04/2011, detailing and guiding the enforcement of some articles of the Law on Telecommunications.

– Decree No. 174/2013/ND-CP, dated 13/11/2013, regulations on sanctioning administrative violations in the respect of postal, telecommunications, information technology and radio frequencies.

  • • Law on Information Technology and documents guiding of enforcement:

– Law on Information Technology No. 67/2006/QH11, dated 12/07 2006.

– Decree No. 71/2007/ND-CP, dated 03/05/2007, detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of the Law on Information Technology on information technology industry.

– Decree No. 90/2008/NÐ-CP, dated 13/08/2008, on anti-spam.

  • • Law on electronic transactions and documents guiding of enforcement:

– Law on Electronic Transactions No. 51/2005/QH11, dated 29/11/2005.

– Decree No. 26/2007/ND-CP, dated 15/02/2007, detailing the law on electronic transactions on digital signatures and digital signature certification.

– Decree No. 106/2011/ND-CP, dated 23/11/2011, amends and supplements Decree No. 26/2007/ND-CP.

– Decree No. 170/2013/ND-CP, dated 13/11/2013, amending and supplementing Decree No. 26/2007/ND-CP and Decree No. 106/2011/ND-CP.

  • • Decree No. 72/2013/ND-CP, dated 15/07/2013 on the management, provision and use of Internet services and information on the Internet.

In 2006, He started to learn and get acquainted with investment and business activities on the Internet environment, as well as research and step by step participate in legal advice activities specializing in the Internet in Vietnam.

In 2008, He defended his Master’s thesis on matter of Telecommunications connection disputes in Vietnam.

Since 2011, he have become professional activist in: Legal services & Investment - business in the Internet area.

Legal services:

Regarding legal services in the Internet area, Lawyer Tran Hoai Van joins in legal advice and litigation. In addition, he is also a founder of other legal services projects of the company, in which, mainly: Representative services, testimony, licensing consulting services for organizations and individuals doing business, advertising, investing in the Internet environment such as: Advertising licenses, general website licenses, e-newspaper license, online game license, foreign investment consultants in the Internet sector in Vietnam, etc…

Investment – business in the area of Internet:

In terms of investment and business activities in the Internet area, Lawyer Tran Hoai Van has been involved in consulting, as well as managing (CEO, COO) in many aspects, including: Investing in Internet projects; value-added services on the Internet, online payment, electronic signature, website creation and development, app; domain name business, data hosting services and video management software, Youtube channel, development of websites, e-newspapers, social networks, adnetwork advertising systems, marketing campaigns, online advertising etc., including MCN Youtube in Vietnam; GCPP Adsense Google in Vietnam.

At these companies and projects, he is in charge of controlling legal matter, besides managing and operating the business, in order to guarantee “Know-how” – Legal advice what he has experienced in practice always brings the highest efficiency!

Other activities:

Additionally, Lawyer Tran Hoai Van was experienced 2 years working at a Financial company in Hanoi as a Director of Human Resources and Head of Legal Department; 03 years as Assistant General Director and Deputy Head of Sales in charge of Laos market & Southeast Asian countries of a top Paint Company in Vietnam.

Being also a Journalist; positioning commissioner of Editorial Board at a huge newspaper agency in Vietnam, consulting in-depth legal information for the Editor-in-Chief.

The desired mission to achieve:

Sharing knowledge is the highest unchangable mission that undertaken to and determined to implement.

With the desire shall convey legal background which is “academic” and sterile, in a simple and ordinary way, in order each of us be able to understand, apply in daily routines, Lawyer Tran Hoai Van and hope that our efforts, in part, shall initiate an updated habit, improving legal knowledge in the community, thereby: Each of us, be our own lawyer!

2/ Lawyer Nguyen Anh Phuong - Hanoi Bar Association

Nguyen Anh Phuong – also founded by Lawyer Nguyen Anh Phuong, Associate Attorneys, and a team of top legal specialists and Internet experts in Vietnam - is the children of Netlaw Law Firm.

Lawyer Nguyen Anh Phuong has 10 years of consulting experience in Vietnam in legal areas such as Investment, Enterprise, Real Estate, Construction, Intellectual Property and Internet-related legislation.

She has been a consultant of many abroad projects into Vietnam such as:

  • • International hospital project – Polish investment capital.
  • • Senior nursing home project in Hanoi - Japan investment capital.
  • • Bridge glass tourism project - Chinese investment capital.
  • • Irradiation Investment Project - United States investment capital.
  • • Functional food project for Spa - Korean investment capital.

In professional practice, she is highly appreciated by partners, clients, and senior experts for the manners, principles, the quality and efficiency of the work.


Hanoi Law University- Bachelor of Economic Law.

Judicial Academy - Lawyer.

National Economics University - Investment Economics.

Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences – Chief Financial Officer.


Vietnam Association of Women Entrepreneurs.

CEO Club - The key to success.

Investment Promotion Committee - Association of FDI enterprises in Vietnam.

Vietnam Lawyers Association.

Hanoi Bar Association.

LANGUAGES: Vietnamese/English


1/ Attorney: DUONG QUOC HUY                                              

Bachelor of Laws, Hanoi Law University

Lawyer of Hanoi Bar Association

Attorney Duong Quoc Huy has a long experience of around 20 years in the law sector. As a reputable and experienced lawyer in negotiations, resolving disputes, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of litigant in Civil, Land, Family marriage and other disputes. In addition, he as well as practices legal activities in the following areas: project transfer, merger and acquisition (M&A) consultants, legal services on land, participation in civil cases, family marriages, contract disputes...

− Core areas of research and performance: Land, real estate projects; M&A of real estate projects; Legal services on classification and licensing of medical equipment and enterprises; Resolving disputes and participating in legal proceedings.

− Highlight of cases, projects and partners: Song Da Corporation; Vietnam Oil and Gas Construction Corporation (PVC); Construction No. 6 Thang Long JSC; ATA Group JSC; Japan Clinical Laboratories Vietnam Co., Ltd....

2/ Attorney PHAM VAN KHANH                                                 

Bachelor of Laws, Hanoi Law University

Bachelor of Laws, Hanoi Law University

Master of Laws, Hanoi Law University.

Attorney Pham Van Khanh has over 15 years of experience in his practice areas. He has accumulated experience through a lot of law firms, consulting firms and big financial structure, such as consultants at Cam Pha Cement Project (of VINACONEX), intellectual property lawyers of Invest-Consult, Vision & Associates; Deputy Director of TPBank Legal Department, Head of Legal Advisory Department of Petroleum Vietnam Finance Corporation (PVFC) – now is PvcomBank.

− Research areas, main activities: Corporate governance; Finance and Banking, Enterprise and M&A; Capital markets; Foreign investment; and Resolving disputes and participating in legal proceedings.

− Highlight cases, projects and partners:

+ Credits and Co-credits: Advising Petroleum Vietnam Finance Corporation (PVFC) on a US$7.2 million co-funding loan with Cathay United Bank, Chu Lai Branch; consulting PVFC on a loan of US$85 million with the lead bank: Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Quang Nam Branch....

+ M&A: Consulting to Petroleum Vietnam Finance Corporation (PVFC) in the merger with Western Bank to establish PVcomBank; counselling TPBank in selling strategic shares to SBIVens Holdings.

+ Derivatives: Counnselling TPBank, Petroleum Vietnam Finance Corporation (PVFC) and Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN) on ISDA transactions with ANZ, HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank...

+ Capital Market: Advising Petroleum Vietnam Finance Corporation (PVFC) on the issuance of local government bonds of Da Nang City; individual bonds issued by enterprises...

+ Enterprises: Consulting for Citra Westlake Company (Ciputra), B.I.C Vietnam, PVC- Vinaconex ... - as investors in the real estate sector. Accordingly, daily consulting in the organization, activities and business of these enterprises...

3/ Attorney LE HONG HUAN

Bachelor of Laws, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law.

Lawyer of Hanoi Bar Association.

As a lawyer with more than 10 years of experience in debt disputes between Banks and clients, consulting, contracts formation, resolving disputes related to civil, economic, family marriage, criminal ... He has a deep understanding of legal relationships, conflicts that may arise, method resolution for challenges.

With the practice motto: “Dedication - Understanding - Conscientiousness “, He attaches great importance to the mission of providing high quality legal services, be ready, changeable to catch up with the new trends and social requirements, complying with the highest standards of professionalism, combined with dedication and efficiency, meet the high trust of valued clients. Experience, skills and rich in foundational knowledge are the converging factors so that he can resolve disputes optimally, protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients.

− Main of research and practice areas: Land, notation; Debt handling and judgment enforcement; Resolving disputes and participating in legal proceedings.

− Typical cases, projects and partners: Debt recovery of Techcombank; participating in protection for defendants in People's Court of Tu Son town, Contract disputes at Cau Giay Court; Dong Da Court, Ha Dong Court, Inheritance decision at Gia Lam Court; Participating in judgment enforcement tasks at the Sub-departments of judgment enforcement in Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang...


Bachelor of Laws, Hanoi Law University.

Lawyer of Hanoi Bar Association.

Lawyer Dang Thanh Vinh has more than 7 years of experience in his practice area, speciality in dispute resolution and litigation. Attorney Dang Thanh Vinh has importantly positioned in correlative fields such as Supreme People's Court, Vietnam International Commercial (VIB), Vincom JSC....

Main practice area: Consulting and participating in dispute resolution, participating in litigation and authorized representation at dispute resolution agencies, Courts and arbitrations.


At, besides Internet Lawyers, there are an outstanding team of collaborators, who are Internet Experts and Legal Specialists - Pioneers, together with Internet Lawyers to explore and experience new consulting sector with the challenging and fascinating - The Internet one.